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June 28th, 2018 Dan - Forum archives back online

Wow! It's been over 5 years since the last update here. ^^;;

First I'll outwardly state what's likely very obvious, in that comparisons are almost definitely not going to be finished. I did try those years ago, but my motivation died. Not from the actual work involved surprisingly, I had a sufficient setup and did actually take down notes for the rest of the Doom Tree episodes in one long session with the intent of posting them up all at once the following day (since I needed that break). My undoing came from not realizing that my handwriting had gotten drastically worse over the years, specifically when writing as a rapid pace, so when I was going to transcribe these notes into the database, I was only able to read maybe a third of the notes. And that ended up being the anti-climatic finish. I didn't have another machine at that time to take notes digitally, and the thought of having to repeat those hours of work was just frustrating. Combined with other changes in my life happening and priorities shifting, I never ended up trying my hand at these again.

I haven't left SMU behind even though it's essentially an archive, I just haven't posted things in the updates since nothing was content related. It may have been noticed that I converted the site to be full-HTTPS, though I'll spare all y'all with my thoughts on why that makes me happy since I'm aware that it's me just geeking out for multiple reasons that almost no one outside of me cares about. I've also done an overhaul to the site's code, where it's running perfectly in PHP 7.2 which helps with performance and security. At some point I really want to make this site responsive, so browsing in mobile isn't as cumbersome as it is now.

What I've done today is bringing the forum archives back online at https://forums.smuncensored.com/ . Apparently I never addressed this in the updates, but at some point, the forum archives got hacked. When I was made aware of this, I was in a pretty low point in my life, and could not deal with it properly, so they were deemed lost. Earlier this month, Tiff reached out to me asking about any chance there was any chance of recovery. It turns out past-Dan did have some foresight by keeping a backup of this database from before a major forum upgrade, as well as a backup of the hacked database for hopeful cleaning, and had these both placed in a location that moved from server to server. The hacked database still had a lot of data so I was hopeful for a cleanup, but eventually found that a couple of the forums were definitely gone. The pre-upgrade backup worked without a hitch, so I put that through all the upgrade motions to run the latest software. I'm happy to report that this works perfectly. Of course various customizations are no longer there, but this was meant to be a discussion archive so that is moot, and these forums look good on mobile and desktop, so wins all around. It sadly does mean there is about a year's worth of posts not there in the time between the original upgrade and the closing, but I must accept that and realize this was the slowest time in the forums hence its closing. I'm just happy that I was wrong years ago and not all was lost. I even made a redirect rule where any links/bookmarks/etc will successfully redirect to this new location.

I hope all y'all enjoy! Essentially SMU is an archive site all-around at this point, but I will make improvements as needed to ensure that even though there may never be new content, everyone will still be able to see and reference what is here for some good nostalgia. =)

May 12th, 2013 Dan - Episode 56, Cons, New Affiliate

Welcome back everyone! I am sorry for the long delay, especially with the note for these already done. I'm sure y'all are thinking I'm lying about the Doom Tree arc notes being done back in January, however, I very sadly am not. Let me tell you, I am now more aware than before of how bad my handwriting is, and being that these notes were taken months ago, they were not fresh in my memory as I added them to the database. I powered through, and episode 56 is now online! Enjoy this comparison, with 100% more talent! =D

I was planning to post up my convention schedule for the year with this, and it looks like one has already passed, oops. ^^;; In addition to my normal Otakon visit in the summer, this year there will be a Sailor Moon specific convention in New York City! Senshi Matsuri will be a one day convention for all things Sailor Moon! I will definitely be there, and will also be running a panel with fellow members of Miss Dream. I'm pretty excited, and hope to see a lot of you there!

And to finish this off, also later than intended, a new affiliate is being added. Everyone welcome Sailor Moon Collectables to the group! Enjoy the massive collection of Tiffany and information on all her stuff!

That's it for this time, I'm going to try to have much less time go by between now and the next update. ^^;;;

January 6th, 2013 Dan - Episode 55 online, Doom Tree notes complete!

Today, I return with good news! While I was sick Christmas week, the three day weekend that came after working New Year's allowed me enough time to finish taking notes for the Doom Tree arc! It will take some time to get these online, so postings of them will be spread out over the next week or two. I am posting the first one tonight, so please enjoy episode 55! Four more episodes remain in the Doom Tree arc, so be on the lookout! One of my resolutions is to ensure that the site is "finished" before the summer to be able to enjoy the new anime, however it comes over here. This goal is in reach, and I'll be working hard to achieve it!

September 24th, 2012 Dan - Comparisons Continue! Episode 54 online

After 20 months, I am happy to say that comparisons are back! As mentioned before, the end of 2010 was quite a bit of a turning point for me leading to a massive falling apart of stability in my life. It has taken quite some time, but I'm in a much better spot now. I made a big move out of CNY about a year ago, got a job I enjoy up here not long after, and moved to a better place where I have my own room and space again just less than two months ago. Now that I'm settled in this place and can use two TVs instead of a TV and my dying laptop, it's finally time to pick up on comparisons again, where episode 54 is now up for your reading pleasure! I'm hoping to post up at least one a week, but that is not a promise I can make right now. Before I can really continue with more, I'm awaiting the arrival of an AC adapter for the slim PS2 my brother gave me. I say this because the layout of the remote of the TV with a built-in DVD player I got from a co-worker is just not good for comparisons. I'm just glad that this episode didn't have too many small cuts to really drill down and find. At the very least, barring unexpected emergencies, I fully intend to have the site "complete" before the new anime airs this summer.

For those asking how the new anime affects here, it is way too early to tell. There is just simply not enough information to determine if there will even be a needs for comparisons as currently there is still no English-language license holder for any part of the anime, past or future. Speculating the many different possibilities of both the past and future anime would just be too much, it's better to just see what happens and work from there.

March 15th, 2012 Dan - Doing some cleanup

After a rollercoaster 2011 and spending some time to stabilize at the tail of last year and early this year, I think I'm ready to get things rolling again here. There's nothing too big here today, just did a little cleanup and fixed up some boxes that have been reported to me multiple times over the years, that I apparently had not fixed up as I thought I did. Oops. ^^;; I won't say where as that takes away part of the fun, but if any of y'all notice anything that seems incorrect, please let me know and I'll respond faster than I have been in recent years.

New comparisons have been on an obvious standstill after the rollercoaster started its ride, and I still don't have any today. However with things being pretty stable now combined with a way to make a setup for doing them, I'm hoping to continue them shortly. One of the things that's been nagging at me for years is that this site has been incomplete for so long, and I want to finish them up just as badly as y'all want to read everything.

Also, look for a new editorial at some point in the next month or so. If anyone who has been here thinks that I'm not going to make any sort of mention here about my thoughts about the handling of the manga re-release, then you are crazy. While some of my thoughts can be seen scattered around the internet, wait until y'all see when I collect them into one place with many other aspects I've thus far kept to myself. I hope y'all will enjoy it as some of my other ones.

Adding to the nice randomness of this update, a friend of mine made an award for here which is pretty awesome.

And to end off this update, we have a new affiliate here. Please welcome Isshou-ni.net not only to the affiliates section, but also to the internet in general. This site came online just over a month ago, and shows some interesting takes on the relationship between Usagi and Mamoru. It's filled with lots of other random goodies that I'm sure you'd find enjoyable! ^_^

August 27th, 2011 Dan - Comicopia announces all day relaunch event!

In addition to my last update where Comicopia in Boston, MA announced a midnight launch party for the manga rerelease, they announced earlier this week that they will also host an all-day event on the 13th from 11 - 7! I'm posting from my phone right now so I can't link to the info, go to the link in the last update to see more details! I'm not sure if I can attend due to various situations in my life being so up in the air right now. But I'm still planning to attend the midnight party, so all is good. ^_^ If I can find a place to crash at, my chances of going to the all-day party will go up.

In any case, this is wonderful news to see Sailor Moon's relaunch become a whole lot more eventful!

August 11th, 2011 Dan - Sailor Moon Midnight release party announced!

As I'm sure most of you are aware, next month is when the Sailor Moon manga comes back to this side of the ocean in its redone form with updated images and a brand-new, more accurate translation, as well as the first time release for Sailor V. It's a very exciting period of time for Sailor Moon fans everywhere, with new merchandise starting to be released on top of this. So what can make this even more exciting? A midnight release celebration.

Thankfully, Comicopia in Boston, MA, has figured this out, and plans to do just that. They just learned yesterday (I believe) that they are able to do a midnight, so exact details are scarce being that they haven't had much time to do more than say it's on. It is awesome to see that a store is putting on such an event which I'm sure will be quite the enjoyable experience. ^_^

Since I don't anticipate any places in my area doing anything, I'm planning to trek there with some friends and meet other friends in that area to have one hell of a night. Yes, I am crazy and have come to terms with this. =P If you're in the Boston area (or within a distance you feel worth traveling), I highly suggest going down to Comicopia to celebrate the start of the second coming of Sailor Moon!

August 6th, 2011 Dan - 11th Anniversary and Otakon summary

Happy 11th Anniversary to SMU today! My how time flies! It's hard to believe that it has been 11 years since we opened up shop here at Sailor Moon Uncensored. We started this as a project we hoped people would enjoy about a month before I started my senior year of high school, and here we are today as one of the most popular and known Sailor Moon sites in the summer where I celebrate my 10 year high school reunion. What a crazy ride. @_@;; ^_^ As much as I would love to have content to add to the site, I do not today. Comparisons are still on hold until I can stop failing and regain stability in my life, a quest that has taken much longer than anticipated. Not helping is a failing laptop, which I have no idea when I can even get to taking care of. Until the stars line themselves up for me again in the future, all I can really do is what I have been doing and write various articles as I have done through this year. I have a couple I plan to write in the coming weeks, one expected for those who converse in the facebook page, one not so much that I'm hoping will be an interesting editorial. I hope that anything I'm able to to will be of interest to y'all as I attempt to position myself in a place where I can add to the main section of the site in the comparisons.

And to those who have e-mailed/messaged/whatever me in the past couple months or so, I'm not ignoring you so please don't think that I am. I'm going to get back to y'all in the near future, thank you in advance for your patience.

Also thank you to those who I managed to see at Otakon last weekend in making it a really fun time. As I said I would, I rocked out one of the new Sailor Moon shirts, cut and affixed to an actual men's shirt in my outing. For laughs, I decorated the back of my badge to see if it would get a reaction. =P (It didn't) I traveled with my friends Elly and James, and met up with Yoshimoon, KrisRix, and Sakky in various points during the weekend. Yoshi and I were able to get a couple group pics in: one with Elly and KrisRix here; and one with Sakky here. How was the Sailor Moon block of the internet run with all of us on one place?! XD It was great being able to meet up with a lot of people again. I also managed to get my original complete Final Fantasy VI SFC box signed by Nobou Uematsu, and Yoshi and I were able to withstand the crowd to see the new Fullmetal Alchemist movie, which had only premiered in Japanese theaters for a few weeks prior and is still there today. And when I say we withstood the crowd, I really mean he withstood it as I clung to his bookbag for dear life. ^^;;; I love that Otakon is getting some really awesome events such as the two I just mentioned, but damn, they utterly underestimated just how big these would be and were completely unprepared. I'm actually considering working my way up the staff ranks to not repeat that failure (and possibly abuse the system to ensure Yoshi's Sailor Moon panel never gets denied again XD ), but I'm too back and forth on it, plus I still need to get much more important things in line first. We'll see what happens. In any case, outside the huge "lines" to deal with, it was a great weekend. ^_^

June 27th, 2011 Dan - Random stuff

I saw this a few days ago and posted it on the facebook page, but apparently forgot to mention it here. Oops. ^^;;; In any case, while this site, as well as many other Sailor Moon sites, have (or will soon) celebrated 10 years of being online, the inspiration for this site has actually now been officially closed for 10 years. That site, of course, being Dragon Ball Z Uncensored. In honor of this milestone, the person currently hosting the site decided to try to get an interview with webmaster, Chris Psaros. He was successful, and the interview is online here for those curious to see what Chris has been up to all of these years, and his feelings on DBZ as a whole in the period of time he's been away. It's a good read, highly recommended.

Also, for those who care, last time I hinted that I was possibly going to go to Otakon, taking place the last weekend of July in Baltimore, MD. Well I am happy to say that plans for this are final, my hotel is booked and paid for and I've been granted the days off for it. So if anyone is interested in seeing me there, just look for the ginger with "MarioKnight" written on his badge, most likely staying in the game room and travelling between various panels. Who knows? It's not often I stay in the same place for too long. XD Sadly there is no Sailor Moon specific panel at Otakon, so I'm still waiting to see when the day comes where I will actually be behind the table in one rather than an observer. In any case, I am looking forward to that weekend, and maybe I'll catch some of y'all there! ^_^

May 16th, 2011 Dan - New editorial on anime/manga industries

I have once again been inspired to write another editorial. I know my editorials can fall in one of two categories: ginger rage, and passionate controlled thoughts with logic and research. This editorial is the latter. It reflects my thoughts as to why fan translations are needed for anime and manga, both in the past and present. Click here to see my thoughts on the subject and what sparked this article.

Also, I regret to say I will be unable to attend Animazement as I had originally planned. My finances will soon be stable, but not in time to safely attend the convention. My convention plans for the year is to very likely make it to Otakon again, and hopefully I can arrange to get to New York Anime Fest this year. I'll keep y'all posted.

April 26th, 2011 Dan - Surprising new Anti-Moon Chase article

As I worked last night, one thing I predicted would happen did happen, but one thing I never expected to see came out of nowhere. Read the latest article in Anti-Moon Chase to see what that was and my reactions to it.

April 25th, 2011 Dan - More Anti-Moon Chase

Though they haven't posted any articles that rub me the wrong way, Moon Chase's facebook page has some comments I do have some issues with, including by some I will dub their crusaders. So for those who want to see, I have a new article posted in Anti-Moon Chase.

April 16th, 2011 Dan - New section!

I know things have been slow since I have been unable to do comparisons, which means I need to find ways to entertain you loyal visitors. I've been aiding in entertaining from afar, but I need to do something here in my home site. And I have decided to somewhat bring back an old SMU tradition. Today, I'm reviving and upgrading Anti-SOS to make similar comments for SOS 2.0, Moon Chase.

As you'll see in the intro on the brand new Anti-Moon Chase page, they show signs of being he next evolution of SOS after its closing. I was slightly ambiguious in my last update in the second half of my rant (which is the initial article for the new section), but it's time to just flat out say that was to them, especially after they actually banned me from even viewing the site. Can't make this shit up. So I figure just as we did for SOS years ago, I will now start calling them out on bullshit as I see needed. Y'all enjoyed it years ago, I hope I can entertain you as much as Bob did with the Anti-SOS section. ^_^

April 2nd, 2011 Dan - Rant about the fallout of April Fool's Day

No content, but I have to have a mini-rant after events I have witnessed. You see, yesterday was an international holiday known as April Fool's Day, where many people ranging from individuals, to small groups of people, and all the way up to internationally known companies, decide to have some fun. This is achieved in a number of ways I won't even begin to list, but a rule I've known since I was a kid using the internet in the early 90s with BBSs and AOL on a 2400 baud modem, is to generally be wary of anything you see. I've never been a fan of the holiday myself hence why I've never done a joke of my own for it, but I'm also aware that it's not going away anytime ever, so I generally avoid using the internet and even going out in public if I can help it. It was a lot easier for me to do that this year as I work overnights (yes I very recently got a job, no that does not mean I immediately have the ability to start comparisons again), so I was asleep during many of the daylight hours. However various things I have seen posted from yesterday were quite appalling and make me feel the need to rant here about it.

Yesterday, going around the Sailor Moon Online Community was a fake press release announcing Funimation's acquisition of the Sailor Moon anime, as well as a partnership with the members of Miss Dream who hold degrees and certifications (which are real, I might add) in relation to the Japanese language. My issue isn't that this joke was made, any other of the 364 days of the year I would, but as stated above, I throw almost anything out the window that happens April 1st. My issue is the level of hateful immaturity that a lot of people handled the joke. I'm not talking about people who were a tad annoyed, I'm talking about people who made comments such as MD staff deserving to have flaming bags of shit thrown at them and direct comparisons to death and disease, and that's just selections from two places where the joke was a topic of conversation.

I'm just at a loss for words here. What is wrong with all of you to take this joke on a day where it was pretty much expected to happen so seriously that such ignorance just takes over? I'm surprised that MD was the only place to even bother with such a prank, and would've been more surprised had no one done such a joke. When everything is said and done, Sailor Moon is just a franchise started by one person and is run by a select set of companies, nothing more. I understand that SM can feel to be more than that to people, hell, I also have reasons why it means a lot to me, but the poking of a license being signed on a day that is known to have loads of false things running around is not the end of the world. We haven't had a license for six years or so, yet y'all managed to survive. Given events worldwide and the manga launch here, it's more apparent than ever that it is only a matter of time. This joke will do nothing to change that fact. If anything, I should be the one most angry over any of y'all, since I've been hoping Funimation would pick up the franchise for nearly six years now, the majority of y'all didn't jump on that bandwagon until last year or so.

Overall, the words and actions of people's reactions to that joke yesterday almost made me feel ashamed to be a Sailor Moon fan for the first time in my life, which is a statement I don't make lightly. I'm very open about how much I love the franchise and deal with criticism that comes with it at times. I'm almost ashamed because I don't want to be associated with the behavior I saw. It's petty, juvenile, and downright disrespectful for no reason.

To add, moving to a different subject still dealing with the joke but away from the people, it would appear a group of people is claiming the joke went too far due to how the fake PR was worded. And even go on as to claim that they are assisting Funimation in taking action. So let's bring back some memories and have a modern day Anti-SOS-like mini rant here (only by me this time and not Bob), that I guess could also be considered a semi-extension of an editorial I wrote last year. Fun all around! Let me tear this part by making a few points:

1) If Funimation, Kodansha, or any other potential company, felt that what was done was over the line, I very highly doubt they would enlist the help of a small fansite. They are big companies with their own legal teams to do their work, and could easily find and contact those associated with that joke. It only takes a quick Google search to find the original site it was posted on, and from there their legal teams can easily obtain the necessary information to contact whoever they need to. Them using a fansite to do such a thing is a joke, and what makes this even funnier, is the fact that one of the criticisms of the fake PR was the mention of Funimation teaming with the Miss Dream fansite. Contradiction much?

2) Curious to Funimation's thoughts, I posted on their facebook page under a link someone had posted to the fake PR. I mentioned my association with Miss Dream (I am a part of their staff even though I had minimal involvement in the joke, I just knew it was happening), and outright asked if the company had an issue with it, and requested to be contacted if they did so we could make amends. Funimation does watch and respond to comments there, as of yet I have not gotten a response. I will update if I do.

3) I also went to Funimation's forums. I found a thread where the fake PR was linked and quoted. All that happened was a moderator locking the thread when the day changed from the 1st to the 2nd.

So yeah, I'm done for now.

March 21st, 2011 Dan - First Manga voulmes info

Well, earlier than I expected, but it appears that the date and price for the first of Sailor Moon and Sailor V manga books have been set. Read the news post for the details.

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