Ok, I know some of you lazy people DIDN'T read the introduction section, so with the amazing feats of technology, I've just copied and pasted everything there into here! Enjoy our lazyness!!!!

Opinions! This will probably be a fan favorite. This is where YOU, the viewer, can send in your thoughts about ANYTHING Sailor Moon and have it posted on the site. Whether it be from how you hate the voices or how much you think this site sucks. Send it in! You got a biff with the SOS? Send it in! Did your hamster eat your favorite Sailor Moon card? We'd love to hear about it!

Now before you send in your essay, wait seventeen months, realize that your essay was never put up, and then flame us, please keep a few things in mind. We will not post EVERY essay that is sent to us. If you send us this EXTREMELY LONG essay about several things you don't like in Sailor Moon, more than likely your essay will not be posted. When writing an essay, keep in mind to just keep to one topic. If you want to cover another topic, write another essay! Also, keep your essay to the point. Don't wander off on some strange trip. The shorter the essay, the better. Now when I say keep your essay short, I don't mean give me one liners like "I hate Serena's voice" and just leave it at that. If you hate Serena's voice, tell us WHY you hate it and back your statement up. Also, use CORRECT PUNCTUATION AND SPELLING! If you send me this essay that makes no sense because you used incorrect spelling and bad grammar, your essay wont be posted. Also, try to avoid words like "cuz" instead of "because" and "R U" instead of "Are you", this just makes things confusing. Lastly, you should ask yourself "Is my essay original?" before sending it in. If we already have seventeen essays on how much Serena's voice sucks and you send in an essay on this same topic, chances are your essay wont be posted.

So to sum that all up, keep your essay focused on a single topic, keep it short and remember to back up your topic, use proper punctuation and grammar, and make your essays original.

Now, I know some of you are thinking "What! We have to be English majors to get our essays posted?! Hmph! Your site sucks!", well, not really. I'm sure if you go around this site you'll find grammatical errors. Everyone makes mistakes. When we say use good english skills, we basically mean remember to use your periods and commas, that all sentances have a subject and a verb, and don't use semicolons unless you're skilled at using them.

 Opinions From the Fans
Rini's Dub Voice - Tiff's Response - A fan is apparently angered by the fact that we find Stephanie Beard to be a good choice for Rini.

The Original Music...and why it - Tiff's Response - o_o damn, it

An essay on sexism in BSSM - Tiff's Response - Here's a great article on sexism and character development in Sailormoon!

English is the only decipherable language! - Tiff's Response - This guy seems to think english is the only language we should speak or bother to learn. He also claims that it isn

A flaming dubbie - Tiff's Response - She thinks that we go out and flame people who like the dub.

Essay on dubbed anime by Zro - Tiff's Response - He has some interesting comments about dubbed anime. It's an intelligently written essay, so read on.

Baka. Need I say more? - Tiff's Response - I don't even need to summarize. This person caught me on a very very bad day.

Too Critical? (Flame) - Tiff's Response - An email from someone who believes we at SMU are far too critical. Read on to see if you agree.

The Dubbed Senshi of Love - Someone was kind enough to send me a copy of the Ai No Senshi lyrics along with a copy of the Dubbed Ai No Senshi lyrics! I figured it would be interesting to show these on our site.

"Someone's" Opinion-Part 2 (Flame) - Tiff's Response - He hath returneth, the elusive "someone", to our guestbook, only this time to leave 3 messages in response to MY response to his previous opinion. I'm starting to think he's obsessed.

Coco Puff's Opinion (Flame) - Tiff's Response - Coco Puff basically thinks our site is stupid. I have nothing more to say in this summary.

"Someone's" Opinion (Flame) - Tiff's Response - "someone", who left a lovely message in our guestbook, believes SMU is both unoriginal and a direct copy, becuase we modeled our site after one that inspired us.

 Opinions From the Powers-That-Be
Quick Encounter with Stephanie Beard - Stephanie Beard was the first "high-up" we were able to get in contact with. These are the e-mails that Bob exchanged with the voice for Rini.

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