Geneon Announces SuperS Re-releases (April 18th, 2004)
Very recentally, Geneon has released their new product info for the month of August. Not to slow down the monthly pace of Sailor Moon re-releases, SuperS will begun to be sold the month after S will be complete. The Signature Series re-release of Sailor Moon SuperS: Pegasus Collection I, will be on August 10, 2004, and will retail for $19.98.

That is not all however. While the announcement of the S Thin-pak box made it seem that SuperS would get one as well, I'm sure I can safely say that no one expected it to come out this soon. The Sailor Moon SuperS Thin-pak box will be released on August 3, 2004, and will retail for $99.98. I have seen a couple places list this as a 13-disc set, and would like to make clear that this is NOT true. Both the S and SuperS seasons combined have 13 discs, alone S has 6 and SuperS 7. Someone has seemed to get some info jumbled up along the way, but the minute counts for each of the boxes show that each season box will have only the specified season discs in the said box, no more and no less.

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