ADV Offers Replacements for Disc 5 of SMC Box (October 8th, 2003)
As many of you very well know by now, ADV's releases of the first two seasons of Sailor Moon Uncut have been sub-par releases at best. While ADV can try to finger point most of the problems to Toei in some way or form, there is one error on each box that they can't blame anyone but themselves. In the first box, it was badly encoded video for episode 24 which had a low frame rate, and in the second dub music and laughter was heard for about 15 seconds in episode 68. Ironically, these errors are on the first episode of the fifth disc of their respective box. While ADV has yet to say anything about either of these issues, there appears to be a fixed version of the first season's error. Apparentally, you can e-mail and request an exchange form after you explain to them your problem. They will then send you back a form to print out and fill out and send with your box. Yes, you actually have to send the whole box to them, not just the disc. When the set comes back, the video glitch will no longer be a problem. If anyone is interested in getting the disc replaced, you should contact ADV via [email protected].

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