43 "Usagi ga koritsu? Sailor Senshi tachino oogenka"
(Usagi Going It Alone? The Sailor Senshi's Big Fight)
38 "Fractious Friends" 95-11-1

The senshi had begun fighting against Sailormoon, which was catching the eye of the Dark Kingdom. Kunzite felt it could be a break-up or a trap. A youma was sent to watch them and rob the Osa-P, where the senshi appeared yet starting quarreling amongst themselves. The youma turned into a reporter taking pictures and asking for comments, where the senshi ignored her and left, leaving Moon to help Naru. The next night the senshi were battling again and Moon complained Mars kicked her too hard and with hatred, but was told they had to make it look real. Moon had planned to stage the fight so she could be taken to the Dark Kingdom to save Mamoru. Artemis mentioned he had been watching the reporter and thought she was a youma, which made Moon happy as it appeared the plan was working. Usagi took a note from Sailormoon to the reporter asking to meet alone that night to talk. The two met later and Kunzite appeared as well, saying he would take her to Endymion for the ginzuishou. She agrees, but only after she actually sees him. Kunzite and the youma notice the senshi behind the bushes but Moon says she doesn't care and wanted to go. Kunzite made a portal to the Dark Kingdom, and the youma attacked Moon with a choke, demanding she turn the ginzuishou over. Moon said not until she saw him, then after more choking informed them she didn't have it with her. They said they would just kill her and find it. The senshi were going to help her but Mars stopped them. Jupiter wondered if Mars really hated Moon, but Mars showed she had the wand with the ginzuishou, saying she wouldn't have accepted something so important if she did. However they couldn't watch for much longer and jumped in. Kunzite escaped, and they all defeated the youma.

As Bob has mentioned in the past, the dub is quite mean to Sailor Moon when compared to the original. The plot of the episode was to stage a fight to have Moon go to the Dark Kingdom for Mamoru, which she thought of and was sticking to, even when she was literally being choked out. The dub has her wimping out so very often (only once originally was a comment made by her, and it was only that she felt the others were being too hard, she never drifted from her plan) and killed the moment where Mars revealed the wand, essentially just how dedicated Moon was. This episode was a huge evolutionary step for Sailormoon's character and DiC just crushed it.

The script for this episode was pretty bad. The gist of the plot was there, yet handled poorly. Key parts of the plot were definitely ruined.

The VotD's name in the original was Nana Asahina, changed to Nancy Vargas in the dub.

The MotD is named Oniwa Bandana, changed to Ninjana in the dub.

Pre-episode preview remains untouched except for that damn border image as normal.

(12 seconds) Lot's of cuts in the opening "battle." Most notable outside of snippets were various shots of the sun and clouds, and of the senshi shadowy figures before daylight. It's as if a kid was randomly pressing the record button in the studio as this scene was playing. Just no rhyme or reason whatsoever.

We have our first digital scene change of the episode, let's celebrate!

(1 second) Beryl's crystal ball before it exploded was shortened.

(2 seconds) Unidentifiable snippets.

Another digital scene change.

(26 seconds) During the Osa-P scene, nearly half a minute was taken away. To save on boxes (as many shots that weren't cut completely were cut short), here's the breakdown:

* Knife scene - 2 seconds cut
* Mars kicking Moon who lands on her face, and camera pan up to the four senshi - 4 seconds
* Camera panning to Naru and her mother is cut - 2 seconds
* Naru calls for Moon, Moon looks for the youma, Naru tells her it must've left - 10 seconds

Some 10 seconds must've been snippets, as after going shot by shot for the scene, I decided to start them together, and the dub finished 26 seconds before the original.

The scene with Usagi and Naru walking down the road is NOT swapped with the driving going on. Nifty.

(5 seconds) Before the reporter shows up, the conversation between Usagi and Naru is cut short by shortening the time some shots are on the screen.

(8 seconds) The reporter introducing herself was quite a bit longer in the original. The majority of this cut was a shot of her business card, full of Japanese text. A shot of the reporter was also lost in the mix.

(10 seconds) Series of cuts of shots around a second each.

Ah, I thought it was a while since the last digital scene change.

(30 seconds) A lot of snippets and cuts during the next "fight." Noticeable cuts are:

* Mars kicking Moon in the butt again (but Moon landing on her face was left in this second time)
* Moon was in the ground a lot longer, her crying was taken out completely

While the dub mentions once that the plan was Moon's idea, she wasn't nearly as wimpy about the whole thing as the dub made her out to be.

(2 seconds) The closeup of an article about the senshi's breakup is cut short. Yet the Japanese text filled article was still on the screen for some time.

(1 second) Firey Usagi was on the screen a touch longer.

(2 seconds) Shot of Luna and Artemis

A camera pan upwards is sped up, shaving 3 seconds.

(2 seconds) Shot of the girls on the porch is cut short.

(18 seconds) A series of shortened shots and snippets.

(3 seconds) Closeup of the reporter's card is cut again. And I believe DiC uses darts and/or coin-tosses to decide about what Japanese text does and doesn't make the dub.

Camera panning up the mansion is sped up, shaving about 2 seconds. Strangely, the downward pan goes the same speed.

(12 seconds) Usagi and the reporter's conversation was shortened, about a third of it coming from completely cutting Usagi's kana-filled letter.

Diagonal fade to black before a commercial. In reverse when commercial is over.

Though comments on Usagi's lack of writing skills would become almost common later on, the dub's comments are actually added in. Not making this an SDA only because this actually happens later on. While in a sense a good choice by DiC, I highly doubt they looked into the future and planned this ahead.

(8 seconds) I will go back in time to 1995 to brutally injure whoever thought it was a good idea to make so many damn snippets. It makes me go insane. >=(

Digital lightning added to the youma's transformation.

(55 seconds) Snippet-fests and scene speed-ups continue to add to my insanity. While nothing video-wise is actually cut, the entire cemetery (I'm sorry, Memorial Park -_- ) scene is drastically cut short.

What I thought was a cut, was really a swapping of scene order after the second American commercial break. My notes have a couple charts trying to make sense of it, but apparently I was scribbling a bit too much and can't make it out. What I can make out is that the first 15 seconds after the return from commercial is complete fuck fest.

(1 second) Senshi talking in the bushes is shortened.

Camera pan sped up shaved off a second.

Digital scene bump to the senshi in the bushes. Kinda weird, since the scene changed over to them a couple times prior without one.

(3 seconds) Though no time was actually lost during this, another shot of Moon being choked replaced Jupiter shoving Mars into a tree after her being reluctant to help Moon.

(4 seconds) More snippets.

Since I'd be quoting most of the scene, here's the just of what was screwed up to save some time. Originally, Moon trusted Mars with the Crescent Moon Wand. The others didn't know this and immediately understood why Mars was being how she was. The dub completely ruins this touching moment showing the trust between Moon and Mars, with Mars explaining that the wand was left on Raye's bed. The script following that line is just a shitfest.

Also, furthering damaging Moon's character, Dic has her begging the scouts for help. In the original, she was really hoping (to herself mind you, not out loud) that they would stay away for the small chance of getting into the Dark Kingdom. This whole pivotal scene was ruined.

(8 seconds) In the middle of the shitfest above, almost 10 seconds of video were also lost.

The senshi entrances to the battle are sped up, shaving off about 4 seconds. In this same scene, digital shinys are added.

(2 seconds) Shot of senshi before sweat drop cloud is shortened.

JAotD: Jupiter Thunder Crash

(4 seconds) Mars barely dodging the youma's attacks are cut.

(8 seconds) Other various snippets in battle.

"And that means you!" episode. No fucking shit.

(6 seconds) Snippets and speed-ups.

(7 seconds) Final scene has snippets and sped up camera pans.

The pink background with moons and stars is nothing new for these DiC dubbed episodes. Originally, the background transitioned to pink except for two circles, one surrounding Usagi and the other Rei.

(3 seconds) The above shot was on the screen for a few seconds, where the dub cut out right on the scene effect.

Total Retained 60%

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