3 "Nazono nemuribyou, mamore otomeno koisuru kokoro"
(Mysterious Sleeping Sickness! Defend Young Girls' Hearts!)
2 "Talk Radio" 95-9-12

The city's women are in love with a news show called "Midnight Zero". On the show, you send in your love letter and if it gets read, you get a flower. Usagi loves this show just as much as all the other girls in town. While listening, they hear a letter from someone named "Haruna". Usagi thinks it's just a coincidence that the person had the same name as her teacher. The next day, Haruna-sensei comes in with a flower on her dress. She seems very tired and falls asleep in the middle of class. Of course, the program is a plot by the Dark Kingdom to steal energy and the flowers take the energy of anyone who touches them. That night Naru gets her letter read and the next day at school, she gets her energy drained by the flower as well. Usagi and Luna go to investigate the show but the station says that there is no show like that at their station. Luna gives Usagi a pen in which she can transform into people with. With her new disguise, she sneaks into the radio station only to see Jadeite reading the letters. She barges into the room, tells the listeners to stop listening to the show and tells them not to touch the flowers. This enrages Jadeite and his youma whom then attack Usagi. She transforms and starts fighting. The youma is soon destroyed which leaves just Jadeite and Sailor Moon. Jadeite easily overpowers her and all seems lost until Tuxedo Mask appears. Jadeite decides to leave and Sailor Moon is saved. The next day, Usagi writes a love letter to Tuxedo Mask, which Naru and Haruna are very interested in.

This episode fared better than the first one, but it was still pretty bad. Luckily for me, there was less scene mangling, which makes doing these comparisons much easier. Most of the episode was cuts but there was one line in particular that really urked me. You'll learn about that when you read the comparison, though ~_^ .

Besides the normal dumb cuts and changes, "Midnight Zero" was a much better name for the radio show than "Loveline" for many reasons, this episode was done well. The main storyline of the episode wasn't changed too much, and none of the cuts were really important or anything. Though the Usagi opening segment is fun to watch and is a good recap when important things happen later in the season.

Must..not..kill...speech...-_-; Scroll down and you'll see what I mean. Not too bad of an ep, although I don't understand why it's called a "Luna Pen" o.O;

The script for this episode was a LITTLE better than the last dub episode, but it was still way off. Looks like DiC's policy of writing scripts (which I detailed in the episode 1 comparison) has not changed.

In the dub, the youma's name is something like "Fro". Now, as far as I know, the youma in the original did not have a name, although I could be wrong.

Haruna retains her name, except in the dub, Haruna is her last name while in the original, Haruna is her first name (Japanese students have a tendency to call teachers they like by their first names).

The Disguise Pen is changed to the Luna Pen.

The show, "Midnight Zero", is changed to "Love Line". Sorry DiC, that's a VERY different show. Hehe, I can just see little kids looking in the TV guide and seeing "Love Line" listed, getting excited, staying up late to watch it, and then getting completely and utterly confused.

(30 seconds) In the beginning of each episode up until episode 30 something, Usagi appears and narrates about herself, tells how she became Sailor Moon, and gives us some interesting developments in the show so far. DiC cut every single one of these segments out of each episode. Thus, from now on, I'll refer to this segment as the "Opening Usagi segment" to make it easier on me ^_^

(5 seconds) The scene where Haruna is jumping up and down and around her room because her letter was read on the air was a bit longer in the original.

(1 second) Before Luna jumps up by the radio while Usagi is listening to it in the beginning of the episode, there is a short snipit. I hate snipits. They're the scum of the earth.

(4 seconds) In the scene where we see Usagi's dad reading the newspaper, it originally opened with a close up shot of the newspaper. This part was cut more than likely due to all the Japanese characters on it.

  • Papa's morning paper
  • (1 second) You know when Usagi's dad had his mouth open about to bite into the piece of toast that Usagi's mom had made for him? Well, in the original her had his mouth open longer. You see, here in America, it's rude to have your mouth open for an extended period of time, and by cutting this, DiC prevented kids from imitating such rude rude behavior. (O.o;;;) Seriously though, I have no idea why they decided to snip this. Like I said earlier, I hate snipits. They're such a pain since I can oftentimes miss them and they put my tapes out of sync.

    (3 seconds) A few seconds after the last snipit, the end of their conversation is cut a little short. Then we see Usagi rushing down the stairs because she's late again. This is also cut.

    (2 seconds) After we see Usagi rushing into school but before we see her in class, there's a shot of the teacher's podium, empty. This shot was used to emphasize the fact that Haruna was missing, but of course DiC thought it wasn't necessary so they cut it.

  • If my teacher was late for class, the rest of the room would be empty too.
  • (2 seconds) After Luna's initial meeting with Motoki, there's a shot of her looking starry eyed at him. This was cut in the dub for obvious reasons, 50-year old British cats don't really get boy crazy.

  • Kawaii ^^
  • (4 seconds) A close up shot of the letters that FM 10 had been receiving about the Midnight Zero show. Cut because of all the Japanese characters showing.

  • That's a lot of letters
  • When we see Serena and Molly walking down the street and Molly says, "I've got a special project I'm working on", the shot is digitally zoomed in. I would guess that they did this due to the fact that there are some "shady" looking individuals in the shot. The funny thing is that the shot isn't zoomed in at all in the first 2 or 3 frames of the shot, then the picture zooms in right in the middle of the shot. Funny stuff.

  • The zoomed in shot.
  • (10 seconds) After Usagi can't think of what to write to Midnight Zero, she sighs and lays down on her paper.

    (2 seconds) During Usagi's dream sequence of Tuxedo Mask, there's a goofy shot of her getting all giddy about him.

    (3 seconds) That scene where we see the youma breaking through the glass is cut short. I'm surprised they left it in at all, DiC doesn't really seem to like broken glass.

    I don't know WHAT was going on during the 2nd commercial break, but they totally messed the scene up directly before and after. DiC went crazy. They cut stuff here and then put it there, and moved stuff from there over here and all this stuff. It was just crazy. So crazy that I had no idea what the heck was going on.....I was scared and confused. Luckily it only lasted a short time but it still was quite frightening to watch.

    After Sailor Moon transforms she goes, "I'm Sailor Moon, the champion of justice, and on behalf of the moon I shall punish you!"

    Which then prompts Luna to say

    "Hey! That's not how the end of it goes!"

    O_O *KEELS OVER DEAD* Umm....Since when!?!? I swear, did DiC put that line in JUST to aggravate the Japanese loyalists?? Seriously, putting that line in is almost like saying "Nyah nyah, look, I changed the script and you can't do anything about it!" If there is a better way to blatantly make fun of the original script, I'd like to see it! Can't get much more blatant than that.......

    (3 seconds) After Tuxedo Mask leaves, there's a shot of Sailor Moon with hearts in her eyes, looking at him (This shot is shown in the Sailor Says segment for this episode). We then see the Jyuban center building (probably cut due to the kanji all over it).

  • <3 <3 Sailor Moon
  • Jyuban Shopping Center
  • Total Retained 62%

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