28 "Koino irasuto, Usagi to Mamoru ga sekkin?"
(The Drawings of Love, Usagi & Mamoru Getting Closer)
24 "An Artful Attack" 95-10-12

Usagi and Luna were talking in the park about Tuxedo Kamen possibly being an enemy, before Naru showed up and took Usagi away. The Moon Stick fell out of Usagi's bag and Luna caught it before it fell into the pond. The two went to an art exhibition of Yumeno Yumemi, where Umino eventually caught up to them. They saw a self portrait of the artist, which was beautiful, however Unimo stated that she never came to her own shows, and Usagi commented that she must be ugly then. However, Yumemi was there, poking around the crowd looking for the right image for her illustrations and failing. Usagi saw a picture of a couple, thinking that it looked familiar. Mamoru walked by the gallery and saw the same poster hanging up outside and noticed it was like his dream. Yumemi accidentally ran into Mamoru on her way out, and when she got her glasses back on, saw that he was excatly what she was looking for, and tried to convince him to model for her. Usagi noticed this, and went out to tease him about being with someone other than Rei, but Yumemi grabbed Usagi as well, asking both of them to be her models. They were brought to her house where they learned that this person was none other than Yumemi herself. Yumemi said that she keeps her identity a secret so that everyone thinks she looks pretty. She had Usagi sit to Mamoru, to which they both disagreed to, but eventually agreed. Both looked closely at each other at different points, thinking of how nice the other looked when close up. After the session, Usagi spotted a picture of a couple, and Mamoru gasped when seeing it. It was a picture of a girl giving a pendant to a guy, which Yumemi says she always feels painful when drawing that couple. They eventually left and Usagi ran into Luna on the way home, who gave her the moon stick back and insulted her for being simple minded. Usagi ran off and then the Moon Stick went off, responding in the direction towards Yumemi's house. She went there and saw that Zoicite had turned Yumemi into a youma, and called the other senshi for help, and transformed. Zoicite and the youma tried to run but Moon caught up with them and started to battle. Tuxedo Kamen came to Moon's rescue, and went after Zoicite who was trying to escape. Moon kept battling the youma until the other senshi came, then went after Zoicite. She saved Tuxedo Kamen from a deadly attack, but Zoicite got away. Moon asked Tuxedo Kamen if he wanted the pendant back he had dropped and about the princess. He said he knew nothing about the princess, and let Moon keep the pendant. She asked for the nijizuishou that he had, but he refused to give it to her, stating that that was the one thing he was sure about needing, and that he would get the one the senshi had too at some point. Tuxedo Kamen ran off, and Moon returned to the battle with the youma. The senshi had weakened the youma as Moon was gone, and she healed it back to Yumemi right away.

Alright episode, but very crappy script. So many things twisted around for no apparent reason, and it didn't even work well at some points. If DiC just keeps using the one script writer that does good scripts, the dub would've benefitted a lot more as a whole.

When I first saw the original version of this episode, I was shocked. It was SO different from the dubbed one, especially in the script. I didn't like this one at all, andit just seemed like a big jumbled mess. I actually remember the episode confusing me back when I first saw it.

The script for today's episode was horribly mangled. Granted it wasn't that important of an episode to begin with, but it does start the foreshadowing of Usagi and Mamoru's relationship and past.

The VotD's name was changed from Yumeno Yumemi to Peggy Jones. Her stage name of Lonnie Lenai was a dub invention.

The MotD retained its name of Vena.

(30 sec) Opening Usagi segment.

(22 seconds) The scene where Usagi and Luna are talking in the park about Tuxedo Mask was orginally much longer.

The still shot of the art exhibition poster is cut, possibly because of kana.

The self portrait of Yumemi is changed to being a self portrait of the Moon Princess. Yeah, someone figure THAT one out for me. -_-;;

Edit: For clarification, the title of the portrait is mentioned only in spoken dialogue, and isn't shown anywhere in the video footage.

(3 sec) Yumemi poking around through the crowd is cut short.

That poster that was cut earilier with the kana? It remained in the dub in its second appearence, kana and all.

(1 sec) In the modeling session when Yumemi explains why she paints like she does after Usagi asks here, we see a side view of Yumemi with the background switching between her paintings. The beginning of this sequence had a black background fade into the first picture that wasn't seen in the dub.

Here's one that makes me think. There's a silhouette of a couple under a tree preparing to kiss with a blue background. However, the dub changed the background color to red, and I believe darkens the image as well (though there's a chance that may be my TV). Really odd.

(3 sec) The scene of Zoicite taking the crystal from Yumemi is cut short a tad.

Fuzz effect added to the communicator.

"And that means you" episode. Theory is flawless thus far.

"Peggy, please say you can hear me. Let's not fight. It's me Serena, I'm Sailor Moon. I'm your friend, remember?" ~ Sailor Moon

While the script of the episode was really bad that I didn't bother with these boxes, this line really stuck out. Usagi wouldn't reveal her identity to anyone, especially to someone she pretty much just met earilier that day. -_-;;

(2 sec) The youma spinning those strings all around is cut short a couple seconds.

(1 sec) Snippet before the dub's second commerical break.

(3 sec) The clip where the Moon Tiara Action saves Tuxedo Kamen is cut short.

JAotD - "Jupiter Thunderbolt Crash"

Remember in the beginning where Usagi and Luna were talking in the park and that a bunch of it was cut? In the dub, the scene begins with Usagi already sitting. However in the Sailor Says segment, we see part of the cut where Usagi sighs and then sits down. I love finding DiC's sloppiness. ^_^

Total Retained 66%

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