25 "Koisuru kairiki shoujo, Jupiter-chan"
(Strong Girl in Love -- Jupiter-chan)
21 "Jupiter Comes Thundering In" 95-10-9

Usagi was running late to school as usual and ran into three punks, who were giving her a hard time. However a big girl showed up and beat the guys up for picking on a helpless girl, then ran off. Queen Beryl spoke to Zoicite and Kunzite about the revival of their leader, stating that the only way to get the ginzuishou was to obtain all seven nijizuishou, trapped in the great seven youma, who were now reborn as humans with no knowledge of their previous selves. She gives Zoicite a kurozuishou that would respond only to a nijizuishou. In lunch at the school, Usagi noticed the girl from earlier and Umino told her that she was Makoto Kino and that she was transferred to this school for getting in a fight, and warned Usagi to stay away, though by the time he warned her, she was already behind Makoto. Makoto's lunch looked delicious, and when she spotted Usagi, she offered her a rice ball. Usagi complimented Mako's mother's cooking, and was shocked to hear that Mako had made the meal herself. The two went to the arcade after school, where Ami and Rei found them and Usagi introduced everyone. Also in the arcade is "crane arashi no Joe", a guy who always clears out the crane machines wherever he goes. Mako blushed and said that he looked like someone she knew, so she followed him. Zoicite caught up to Joe and tried to take out the nijizuishou from Joe's body. Mako saw this and began to fight Zoicite. Usagi eventually caught up to the scene but Zoicite disappeared, then Joe ran off to a coffee shop, where he eventually talked to Mako for a little bit and showed her his powers of lifting things which he used to clear crane machines. Mako exclaimed that he was cheating but Joe didn't care. Zoicite appeared and blasted Mako, and Joe ran away, only to be caught up to again in the park, where Zoicite finally extracted the nijizuishou from Joe's body and awakened the youma inside of him. Moon showed up just in time for this and was dodging the youma's attacks, then Mako showed up and threw the youma. Luna told Mako that she was a Sailor Senshi and gave her a pen to turn her into Sailor Jupiter, who blasted the youma. Luna gave Moon the Cresent Moon Wand, to use to heal the youma back to their human selves, and Moon then healed Joe back to his normal self.

I don't even want to comment on this episode. The defiled one of my favorite characters (Makoto). They ruined on of the best episodes so far in the season. Whatever. I'm done. No more. I'm going to go and cry now.

Wow, this episode was dubbed poorly, especially compared to the one right before, which was beautiful. Lots of cuts and edit, mangled script, and worse is that this was a very important episode. Not only is it the premiere episode of Sailorjupiter, we also see Queen Metallia for the first time (though she's unnamed), learn of the rainbow crystals and of the great seven youma, and a new item and attack. This episode shows that this mini-arc I call the "Rainbow Crystal Race" will probably all be done very poorly.

*Twitch* No. Just...no. Bad lines, bad script, bad cuts. The whole thing was just bad. Why they had to turn Makoto into some...butchy, trash-talking whore is beyond me. Ugh. And I so <3 Makoto.

To put it bluntly, this episode sucked, especially when compared to the one directly before this one, which was simply beautiful. Script-wise, it was pretty mangled at best. A tad too much focus on Lita's bad reputation, as well as added dialogue littered throughout.

I believe this is the first episode where we see Queen Metallia. While her name is not yet disclosed in the original, the dub turns the Dark Kingdom ruler into the driving force of the Negaverse called the Negaforce, which sadly works out well with the storyline. =\

The rainbow crystals retain their names.

The Seven Youma are labled as the Seven Shadows in the dub.

Joe, keeps the same name in both versions. Nickname is "Crane arashi no Joe" in the original and loosely translated to "Crane Machine Joe" in the dub.

The youma, Geisein, had its name changed to Game Machine Man.

Kino Makoto's name was changed to Lita in the dub. Why? Cause fate likes to play cruel games with me. *sigh*

(30 sec) The opening Usagi segment was cut.

Metallia hardly speaks at all in the original, only near the end of the mini-scene with Beryl. Silence = bad in the eyes of DiC, so there was a lot of added dialogue.

(2 sec) One of the "Negaforce's" swirls was cut.

(1 sec) Luna taking a couple steps forward after Lita runs off.

Damn DiC for this pointless cuts, and damn me and my perfectionism for this stuff. >.<

Seriously, having stupid idiotic cuts like this just makes our lives miserable trying to compare these episodes.

(10 sec) Closeups on Mako's lunch and Usagi's expressions on her face Makoto's amazing lunch are cut.

The first conversation between Serena and Lita is really mangled. Usagi was complimenting Mako's lunch, stating that her mom was a great cook, and was even more impressed when Mako said she made it herself. Serena gave Lita's lunch hardly a mention and said that people were scared of her bad rep and such. Worst line of the conversation:

"Usually I'm so hungry and eat a ton, but everyone's being so mean I lost my appetite." ~Lita

The game screen from far away that Lita is playing on is given a red tint, probably to show which screen she was playing on.

To show how mangled the script for this episode was....Originally, Ami and Rei were looking for Usagi to talk about Luna's initial reaction to Mako. The dub changed this to Amy and Raye scolding Serena for not meeting her at her house like planned.

(2 sec) A quick closeup of Usagi and Rei sticking their toungues at each other is cut.

You know what they say.....Raspberry's lead to teen pregnancy. *nods nods*

(3 sec) Snippets of Joe playing the crane game were cut and the scene was shortened a few seconds.

(2 sec) The camera pan up of Joe starts lower than it does in the dub.

In what I feel was done to make Joe seem like a nice guy, the dub says that Joe takes all the prizes and gives them away to kids and such.

Yeah, to clue you in.....THAT NEVER HAPPENED. K, we now return you to the regularly scheduled comparison.

(2 sec) You know that cheap effect where the camera pans up a person again and again? Well, that effect was used when Zoicite tried to get the nijizuishou out of Joe, but DiC would rather make their own effects instead of using one that was already in the episode.

(4 sec) Originally when the commercial break ends, we see Joe in pain as Zoicite tries to extract the nijizuishou in him. This short clip is cut out.

(3 sec) Snippets of the Makoto/Zoicite scene were cut.

Serena accuses Lita of hurting Joe when she arrives at the scene. Besides this not being said in the original, what's wrong with this is that onscreen at this time, it's very obvious that she is fighting with Zoi and protecting him from him/her.

(2 sec) Mako running from where she was standing over to Usagi and Joe is cut.

(3 sec) Snippits.....Snippits.....Snippits..........DIE YOU DIRTY SNIPPITS.

We don't know what was cut, all we know is that the tapes were out of sync so just know there's about 3 seconds of footage loss somewhere...........around this point..............in the episode.....................-_-;;;;;

(3 sec) Snippets in the coffee house this time. *gets the knives and swords ready for the killing spree*

(1 sec) The camera panning from Moon to Joe is cut. *puts on jacket getting ready to leave*

(3 sec) Each of the youma's freeze-frame attacks is cut short, making the scene about three seconds shorter.

"New player's up and you're heading for a bad fall!" ~ Lita, lifting the youma up.

"The game's over" ~ Moon after Lita throws the youma.

Hey DiC, would you like some crackers with your cheese?

During Jupiter's transformation, there is a small series of frames that are edited. After Jupiter finishes transforming, the camera pans up her body starting at her feet. In the dub, when it gets to her butt area, DiC decided to "blur" the butt out.

What DiC? They show it on MTV. GEEZ!

Lightning bolt effect added to the end of Jupiter's henshin video.

Supreme Thunder is changed to Supreme Thunder Crash.

The Moon Stick is changed to the Crescent Moon Wand.

Moon Healing Escalation is changed to Moon Healing Activation.

Once again, the game screen Lita is playing on is red. More noteworthy is that the short "Game Over" scene is changed to a different game over scene. Screencaps forthcoming to better show this.

The shapes coloring the screen effect is slightly altered. While the effect itself is the same, the color used is changed from green to pink with cresent moons and stars.

Total Retained 62%

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