141 "Koi no Arashi! Minako no Futamata Daisakusen"
(Stormy Love! Minako's Big Two-Timing Project)
134 "Double Trouble" 00-10-13

To the shock of everyone, Minako reveals that she is dating two guys at the same time. Unfortunately for her, they're both Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye. When Minako accidentally schedules a date for both of them on the same day at the same time, she realizes she has to do something. For the next hour or so, she runs back and forth between dates until she is so tired that she can't take it anymore. She is later approached by both of them asking her which one she wants to choose. She says she wants both of them. This angers them and they attack her. The other Soldiers appear to help, but the two lemures that were called by Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye were too much. Minako is angered that they would play with her heart like that, and she breaks free of her bindings and transforms. With her Angry Random Crescent Beam Shots, she immobilizes the lemures and they are destroyed. Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye quickly retreat.

This was one of my favorite episodes from the original SuperS. This is Minako in her finest and funniest. I was happy to see that Emilie Barlow did a rather good job in keeping the humor too. Like I've said before (or at least I think I've said before....), I prefer Emilie much more to Stephanie Morgenstern (the previous Venus). Emilie has that ditzy, airhead voice that also can have that determined sound to it, which is perfect for Minako. Unfortunately, Stephanie did not, which made her VERY different from the Minako I know and love.

This is how episodes should be handled. Not only did it feature Minako, my fave senshi, but it was done SO WELL! Great job with this episode!

The script for this episode was pretty good. Not much in the way of dialogue was changed...Although I did think that the avoidance of the word "two-timer" was kind of dumb...They've said it before in the series....

Along the lines of the script is something that really gets on my nerves.............PEGASUS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO CALL CHIBI-USA BY HER NAME! I know I've said it before, but I really want to stress the point. Had Cloverway/Optimum watched the ENTIRE SERIES before dubbing it, they would have known that this ruins a cute little plot element in one of the last episodes of SuperS....*sigh*...

Tiger's Eye's false name of "Mr. Tojirima" is kept, and Hawk's Eye's false name of "Mr. Takano" was kept as well, however Tiger's Eye was given the name "Jack" and Hawk's Eye was given the name "Charlie". In the original, they were not given first names.

The Lemures, Gittenko and Battanko, both retained their names.

(3 seconds) A shot of Minako walking down the street towards her dates is cut.

(5 seconds) A shot of the clock tower that both Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye are waiting at is cut.

(6 seconds) A shot of the movie theater's main attraction and Mina and Hawk's Eye running inside is cut.

Just a cute little piece of trivia-- The movie playing at the theater was called "Gazula", being a mix of both super popular (well...Maybe not super popular..) monsters, Gamera and Godzilla (Godzilla is Gojira in Japan). If you notice, the monster has Gamera's looks with Godzilla's roar. Hehe, try and remember THAT one for Jeopardy! ~_^

(7 seconds) A shot of Mina at the park completely exhausted after all the running around she had

Just a little tidbit-- The ending theme song in the original version and uncut dub changes in this episode from "Watashi-tatchi ni naritakute" to "Rashiku Ikimashou". Of course, the edited dub's ending didn't change...But it's good to know.....I guess..

Total Retained 94%

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