140 "Mini ga Daisuki! Oshare na Senshi Tachi"
(We Love Mini-skirts! Perfect Fit Soldiers)
133 "Clothes Call" 00-10-12

The girls are out watching a fashion show by the famous designer, Yoshiku Usui. After waving to the audience and returning backstage, Usui lets out a sigh. It turns out that Usui is having designer's block, and is looking for a model for inspiration. Of course, Fish Eye appears to be the model, only this time instead of dressing up as a woman, he decides to stay male. Once Usui sees him, he gets his "inspiration" back. Fish Eye, of course, corrupts the entire line and its staff. He changes all of Usui's designs and forces most of the employees to quit. This gets Usui down, and he wanders into a park. In the park, he meets up with Usagi. Usagi and Usui have a conversation which prompts Usui's designer's block to vanish. He returns to the studio and throws away all the designs that Fish Eye had made, scoffing them off as childish. Of course, this upsets Fish Eye and he attacks Usui. Luckily, Usagi and Chibi-Usa are nearby and come to rescue. Fish Eye sends out the Lemures, Gom-Mario, to fight the two. After some fighting, Gom-Mario is destroyed and the two save Usui. The next day, Usui reveals his new designs, all Mini-skirts and a wedding dress for Usagi.

Well, this was the episode I had been waiting for. This was the episode where Fish Eye is shown topless and proves that he is, in fact, male, and basically, if it weren't for that scene where he has no shirt on, this episode would have been done close to perfect. But, alas, the scene was there, and thus appeared the highest number of censorships and cuts in one 3 minute period that I've ever seen ANYWHERE. And might I add, the scene was not handled as well as it could have been. Some scenes were left in that were quite confusing. I'm sure many dub fans around the US all cried at the same time, "Why is she so flat chested?"

Being the last episode to catch my tapes up, I obviously wasn't paying much attention to details in the episode, but I did notice a couple things. Serena Tskino was probably the highlight of the episode, I'm so glad they're keeping the last names! I knew this was the episode where Fish Eye was going to take off his shirt to prove he was a guy, and knowing that the dub changed him to a girl, I watched to see how they would handle it. Eh, they did a good job for a while, but near the end of the scene, people had to be wondering if this "girl" was really a girl or not, I would've been confused if I had never seen the orginal.

The script for this episode was handled VERY well. It was almost completely intact minus maybe one slang word and a few arrangements of word to make Fish Eye a "girl" and to keep Usui from being "too gay".

Yoshiku Usui retains his name

Unless I missed something (which I think I didn't), the Lemures, Gom-Mario, loses his name in the dub....He also loses his humor too...*cough*

"Serena" keeps her last name of "Tsukino". She goes "Hi! I'm Serena Tsukino!" There's a plus!

Now, before I start with all the cuts and stuff....I wanna make something clear...Yoshiku Usui is implied to be gay in the original version. Fish Eye flirts with him a lot and he doesn't seem bothered. Also, it is implied that one of his assistants is romantically involved with him. Well, the Fish Eye/Usui thing is made "right" through the fact that Fish Eye is a girl in the dub, but what about Usui and his assistant? What does Cloverway/Optimum like to do with gay characters...? Yep, you guessed it, they became related. Usui and his assistant became "brothers". *LAUGH* Those incest obsessed perverts...tsk tsk...~_^

A shot of a sign that says "Yoshiku Usui" in Japanese on it is cut.

Now, just so you know, everything beyond this point until further notice is from Fish Eye's "chest" scene. In the original, this is where Fish Eye rips off his shirt and thus proves to the audience that he is male. Of course, considering the fact that Fish Eye is a girl in the dub, Optimum and Cloverway had to do something...So the next few minutes or so of footage is highly edited, and I've marked down EVERY SINGLE CHANGE that was made to the scene. Well....Here we go!

In the shot where Fish Eye rips his...umm.........dress...thingy off....We get a short glimpse of his masculine chest. It was only a few frames long, but it's there. Cloverway painted the few frames completely white to hide this.

(2 seconds) After Fish Eye rips his dress thingy off, the camera pans down to reveal Fish Eye in all his masculine glory. Of course, the part of the shot where we see Fish Eye is cut so that we don't see that the she is actually a he.

(4 seconds) After the ladies gasp at Fish Eye's rudeness, the camera pans up his body to, once again, show that he is a male and then focuses on his face. The part with the panning of the camera is cut.

In the same scene from the "cut" box above, the camera is on Fish Eye's face but it's not enough to completely hide his chest, so Cloverway enlarges the frames to hide it.

(6 seconds) After Usui says that he has some new designs, Fish Eye runs up to him to see it. His chest is visible when he's running up to him so that part of this scene is cut.

(3 seconds) Right after Fish Eye starts to change Usui's designs to his liking, there's yet ANOTHER shot where Fish Eye's chest is visible. Man, the animators REALLY wanted us to not miss his chest, didn't they? Of course, more hacking was done here to eliminate the masculine chest.

After Usui's assistant (brother in the dub) pushes Fish Eye away, the scene is zoomed in on Fish Eye's face to hide his chest.

Right after Fish Eye asks Usui what his answer is about firing his lover/assistant/brother, the scene is zoomed in again to try and hide Fish Eye's chest. It doesn't work as well as it should have, though, and too much of Fish Eye's chest is visible, making kids across the country wonder, "Wow! She sure is flat! I wonder why?"

(5 seconds) In the same shot as the one in the censored box above this one, Fish Eye turns away in disgust. The whole "turning away in disgust" part is cut.

Now, in my opinion, the shot I'm about to describe should have been cut. This is the shot where Fish Eye is laughing and he/she has his/her arm up, thus revealing how flat chested he/she is. Now, by leaving this scene in Cloverway has completely lost everything they've been trying to do by cutting and censoring everything! Look at Fish Eye! That's a chest of a male, not a female! This caused the kids around the country to, once again, cry out, "Why is she so darned flat chested!?" I really don't see WHY they left this scene in...All it did was confuse people who weren't aware that Fish Eye was originally male.

Towards the end of the episode, Fish Eye starts to use a deeper, more sultry voice than the normal super squeaky one that she usually uses. All I have to say is, why doesn't she use this voice all the time?? It's a really good voice, and MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH less grating than the squeaky one...........

Total Retained 84%

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