139 "Mezase Nippon Ichi! Bishoujo Kenshi no Nayami"
(Be the Strongest in the Country! A Pretty Young Warrior's Problem)
132 "Cutting It Close" 00-10-11

A young girl named Miharu has set up a tent under a bridge. She fights all those who wish to challenge her. After seeing her fight, Chibi-Usa wants to become a student of Miharu but Miharu refuses because she is still training herself. Chibi-Usa offers to have her stay at her house and Miharu accepts. While there, Usagi and Chibi-Usa learn about Miharu's relationship with her mother. After Miharu returns to her tent, her mother appears to challenge her. Miharu loses and Miharu's mom starts to beat her with her wooden sword. Usagi jumps in the way telling Miharu's mom that the match is over and that she should stop. Miharu's mom scoffs and walks off. Chibi-Usa and Usagi are enraged by this and go to Miharu's house to have a talk with her mother. When they arrive, Miharu's mom tells her they should just let her handle it, and that she's sad that Miharu just doesn't understand yet. Chibi-Usa is still upset but Usagi realizes that there is another reason to Miharu's mom's cold behavior. Tiger's Eye appears and challenges Miharu. After some fighting and humorous dialogue, Miharu asks Tiger's Eye to let her become his student. Tiger's Eye agrees and leads her off to a more concealed location. Makoto and Rei see Miharu with the strange looking Tiger's Eye, and follow them. Tiger's Eye attacks Miharu but luckily, Sailor Moon, Chibi-Moon, Jupiter, and Mars appear. Tiger's Eye unleashes the lemures, Ayatoriko, to fight the senshi. After some fighting, the lemures is destroyed and Miharu is saved. Miharu challenges her mom again and her mom falls into a trap she set. Miharu tells her mom that she realized the error of her ways and she wants to come home. Miharu's mom is delighted to hear that but is mad that Miharu set a trap and takes her home.

This episode was kinda bad in my opinion. The script wasn't as accurate as it could have been, the first scene's audio was about five seconds off from the video, and the voice of Molly returns to torment us once again. It's kinda a shame that they gave the cute little Miharu the most annoying voice in the world. *sigh* And I was really hoping that I'd never have to hear Molly's voice again....

Back to the bad episodes as the marathon starts to come to a close. I know watching a few episodes of the SS dub in a row can mess someone up, so can a parking lot pole to the head (DON'T ask, but I'm sure you'll get a good laugh if I ever decide to tell you about it ^_~), but I do not think I was so messed up that the audio and video did not mix for a while! How in the hell can they do that?!?! I know that soon after Bob posted this, someone e-mailed him saying that CWi could've tried to be cute and funny by doing voice over dubbing like in old dubbed Japanese movies, or if you're a wrestling fan like me, how theres a voice that dubs over Kaientai. While that could be a good reason that it happened, I have my reasons for doubting it. My main one, and the only one I'm going to state, because the others are just minor things that branch off this main one, is that if they had the time and creativity to do that, then why is the S (as well as SS so far) dub so inconsistent and all? I think I wanted to wors that differently, but I can't seem to get the right words out of my head. Now, if the audio/video problem wasn't enough, what kind of voice did they give Miharu?! They gave a cute girl who wants to be the greatest warrior the "Molly" voice, AARRUUGGHH!!! Ok, so I lied, I thought of another reason as I type, I don't think any voices in any of the old dubbed Japanese films. Oy, this box seems to be getting long, I guess I'll hold off my comments about the inner's attacks today. With the way the dub is going, I'm sure I'll get another opportunity to go off on it.

The script for this episode was, for the most part, on, but there were several instances where it would stray from the original. Not the best translation I've ever seen, but then again, not the worst either.

Miharu retains her name.

Ayatoriko, the lemures, retains her name as well.

Ok, first off - What the hell is up with this whole first scene?? The audio is about 3-5 seconds off from the video! So you see the animation talk and about 3-5 seconds later you hear what the actually said! At first I thought it was a blunder by Cartoon Network, but as it turns out, in the 2nd airing of this episode the EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED! That means that the error was in Cloverway/Optimum's master tape. What a careless mistake to make. This should show you how rushed the S and SuperS seasons were if they can't even catch MAJOR errors such as this one.

(5 seconds) The first shot of the episode is cut. It shows a standoff between Miharu and some miscellaneous guy from an angle right beside Miharu's foot.

(4 seconds) A shot of Miharu's sign that challenges opponents to fight is cut.

"I'm totally down with your training!" - Serena to Miharu

Dumb slang, need I go on?

(1 second) A shot of Miharu's Mom hitting Miharu right across the face with her wooden sword. This was probably cut because Cloverway/Optimum didn't want little kids to see "Child abusers".

(8 seconds) More "child abusing" is cut. Man, Miharu's mom sure is ruthless when it comes to teaching her daughter a lesson.

Jupiter's "Sparkling Wide Pressure" attack is called "Jupiter Thunderclap Zap!" in this episode.

Mars' attack which is originally "Fire Soul!" is called "Mars Fireballs Flash!" in this episode.

Jupiter's attack "Supreme Thunder" is called "Supreme Thunder Crash!" in this episode.

Wow....Ok....So....We have "Sparkling Wide Pressure" which was changed to "Jupiter Thunderclap Zap" in the DiC dub....Which is then changed back to "Sparkling Wide Pressure" in the Cloverway dub then it was "Jupiter Thunder Power" in one episode.....But now it's "Jupiter Thunderclap Zap" again.....And Mars...Mars' Attack, "Fire Soul", is changed to "Mars Fireballs Ignite" in the DiC dub but is then called "Mars Fire Ignite" by DiC....but then in the movies and Cloverway dubs its called everything from "Mars Fire Flash" to "Mars Fireballs Blast"....Hmm....And then we have "Supreme Thunder" which has been called "Supreme Thunder", "Supreme Thunder Crash", and "Jupiter Thunder Crash".

Did I lose you? I did?? Good...That just shows you how dumb this "attack naming" thing gets and how dumb Cloverway/Optimum/DiC were for changing the names in the first place.

Total Retained 89%

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