102 "Ubawareta pure na kokoro! Usagi zettai zetsumei"
(The stolen pure heart. Usagi is in trouble)
95 "Birthday Blues, Part 2" 00-6-28

As Kaolinite threatens to break Usagi's brooch, the four inner senshi appear. Kaolinite says if she wants her brooch and Tuxedo Mask back then she must come to the Tokyo Tower. Usagi hops a ride with Haruka and Michiru and gets to Tokyo Tower. When Kaolinite reveals to Uranus and Neptune that Usagi is Sailor Moon, Venus appears posing as Sailor Moon (of course with the help of Luna's Disguise Pen). Uranus and Neptune leave and Kaolinite follows and Seneishenta battles the inner Senshi. The daimon is destroyedand the Moon and the others go to help Uranus and Neptune. With a Sailor Planet Attack, the inner senshi weaken Kaolinite, but do not kill her. The inners are helpless as Kaolinite attacks them. Uranus intervenes with a "World Shaking" and Kaolinite is killed. Back at the Death Busters lab, Dr. Tomoe gives all responsibility that Kaolinite had to a new girl, Eudial.

Ahhh! The dying fest continues! I actually think there's more talk about death in the dub then there was in the original! *.* Anyway, it wasn't quite as good an episode as yesterday's, but still a good episode. Dialogue was for the most part, intact, and only a few scenes were cut. But here, comes the killer, "Ai No Senshi" was TRANSLATED. Hm, should I say "translated", since it wasn't much of a translation? The lyrics for the english version were NOTHING like the lyrics for the original Japanese song.But hey! A poor translation of Ai No Senshi is BY ALL MEANS better than a punked out rock star singing "She's got the power", ne??

This is awesome, death is ok! Like Bob said, theres more talk about dying on the dub (made for kids) than the orginal (made for teens) but it's about time that they realize it's a part of life and can't really be censored. Also, what kids DON'T know what death is? *silence* Excatly, so finally talking about it on anime is a good move. Today'e episode was great, I really can't tell you any negatives of it. Sure, there was a poor translation of "Ai no Senshi" but all they did was change the vocal part into English and kept all the background music the same. I didn't even notice it was in English until about halfway through the song! Since there was a son in today's episode, I have to try and predict to see what DiC would've used. "Ai no Senshi" is I think one of the only songs used more than once in the orginal, I'm not sure, but it has already been replaced with "She's Got the Power" which was just bad, it's close to my least favorite on the first CD. Knowing DiC, they probably would've used it again for "Ai no Senshi" because theres no song on Lunarock that would go well in that situation BUT "Ai no Senshi" and we all know the chances of DiC using Japanese music, don't we?

*gasp* they talked about dying..that was NEVER allowed in the land of DiC! People always "went off to the negaverse". I was proud of cloverway for talking about death!*screams in agony* AI NO SENSHI! OH DEAR GODS NO! they kept the yuuichirou song, whynot "ai no senshi"?! ooooh I was hella angry about that. Not only was it dubbed, but it was dubbedWRONG! -_- they made up their own lyrics. However, I am glad that they didn't just write someidiotic song out of the blue, like DiC did (*cough* she's got the power *cough*)

(3 seconds) Not even a whole TWO SECONDS after the episode starts there's ALREADY a cut. Wow! What a way to start out an episode! *sarcasm alert*

After Usagi cries out "Tuxedo Kamen!!", the camera cuts to another angle and it pans right to reveal Kaolinite and the daimon. Then it changes angles again and pans up to reveal the FACES (wow!) of Kaolinite and the daimon. When the camera stops panning is when the English version cuts back in.

The Tokyo Tower retains its name! ^_^ I'm glad that they're realizing that this takes place in Japan......but wait, if that's the case.....Why do they keep adding the Americanizations??? O.o;;;

"Ai no Senshi" is translated, rather poorly too. Infact, the lyrics aren't even REMOTELY the same (well, the lyrics I could hear anyway, the Voice Actresses were blasting the song out so I couldn't hear it), but hey, it COULD have been worse. It COULD have been that song "She's Got The Power" that I love so much.........*GAG CHOKE*

Almost all shots of "Amara's" car were reversed so that the car looked "American". Umm, Cloverway, didn't we just ESTABLISH the fact that this was taking place in Japan??? *blink blink* I just don't get it. *Turns to the audience* Umm, would someone PLEASE fill me in here?? I'm clueless...

(1 second) RIGHT as the song ends, that last scene is cut down by a second, but of course you can't tell at ALL because of that digital scene changer thingy that the companies FEEL they need to add to scenes.

Kaori Knight squeezes this bit of dialogue in about half a second (in other words, try saying this sentence as FAST as you can and you'll know how Kaori Knight said it,

"This is the end of the road for you Serena, Moon Faced girl, or should I say Sailor Moon!!!"

Ok, for one, the line deliverance was AWFUL. Second, Serena Moon Faced girl?? What the hell is up with this Moon face stuff?! Geez! Just leave it as "Meatball head", that's closer to "Odango Atama" than "Moon Face" is! Please tell me who thought up with "Moon Face" so I may strangle them now...

(9 seconds) After Mars is done saying what a clutz and ditz Serena is, out of the blue Neptune goes "Gotta go!". Well, originally, Usagi made some more hilarious reactions to Minako's disguise and Neptune and Uranus excused themselves.

A shot of the scene that was cut

Neptune makes the pun(?) when fighting Kaori Knight. It goes along the lines of,

"Say good night, Kaori Knight!"

I'm laughing, I'm laughing. Man, Cloverway, where do you get these writers? They're absolutely BRILLIANT!!! *cough* Yeah right.

When Venus does the "Sailor Kick" the name is kept, yet Venus' "Deadly Attack! Love-Me Chain" does not keep it's name. (No, it's NOT Love-Beam Chain as VKLL wants you to think. They also wanted you to think that during the battle with Beryl Serenity said "Moon Princess Power".....)

(4 seconds) After dub Seneshienta says "Why you..!" there's supposed to be a shot of Sailor Moon posing for about 4 seconds.

Strike a pose

This isn't actually stupid dialogue, but an absence of dialogue that makes it stupid. Originally, right before Moon does her attack on the daimon, the daimon screams or yells, or something to that effect, yet in the dub, they just had her stand there open mouthed. It was COMPLETE SILENCE. It made me feel like a frame got stuck or something, but that wasn't the case. It was probably the stupidest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Today, Uranus' attack is "World Shaking", the correct name.

Sailor Moon's speech about Kaolinite depriving the world of television is kept, to my delight ^_^

Mars' attack, "Burning Mandala", is "Mars Fire Surround" once again, instead of the old dub name of "Mars Celestial Fire Surround".

Jupiter's attack which had previously been called "Jupiter Thunder Crash" retained it's original name, "Supreme Thunder".

The "Sailor Planet Attack" also retained its name, rather than being changed to "Sailor Planet Power".

Eudial's name is pronounced wrong. It's supposed to be along the lines of "you-jee-UL" with a DISTINCT separation between the "jee" and the "ul" and stressing the "ul". In the dub, it was pronounced "you-JEEL" which made it sound like the last part of her name was one syllable.

Total Retained 92%

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