101 "Usagi namida! Tanjoubi ni glass no kutsu wo"
(Usagi's Tears! For My Birthday, a Pair of Glass Slippers)
94 "Birthday Blues, Part 1" 00-6-27

"Today, June 30th is my birthday!" Usagi says. Her friends are less than excited, Usagi cries and walks down Juuban street. She sees a pair of glass slippers and wants her "prince" to buy them for her. Of course, her "Prince" doesn't realize what day it was, so Usagi slaps him hard and runs off. When Usagi gets to Rei's house to study, she learns that they had planned a suprise party for her, but she can't get into the fun spirit since she feels back about slapping Mamoru. Rei then informs Usagi that maybeshe never told Mamoru when her birthday was. Usagi does an anime fall and runs off to find Mamoru. Meanwhile, Mamoru had figured out what the day was and went to buy the glass shoes (which Kaolinite had conviently placed a daimon egg in). When Usagi tries one of the glass shoes on, the shoe turns into the daimon, Senishienta. She captures Usagi and bats away her transformation brooch, leaving her helpless. Tuxedo Kamen comes and rescues her, only to be later on captured himself. Kaolinite finds Usagi's broochand threatens to destroy it along with Tuxedo Kamen.................

"Wow!" is all I have to say. This is probably the shortest list for any episode in the S season yet. Not only that, but this was one of the episodes that I always thought would get heavily edited! It was a sweet treat to see it treated so well! My excitement was also felt the next day when the second part to this episode turned out wonderfully too!

The only bad thing about this episode was that it was the introdcution to that God awful "moon face" comment...*Shudder*

A great dub!!!! An episode that was though to be hacked badly was kept close to intact it's amazing! They kept the slap!!! The dialogue was kept so close to the orginal, possibly the best dubbed episode so far. I don't see whay there was a baka "To Be Continued..." at the end. All anime storylines go from one episode to another, so there either shouldn't be any of that at all or if you really want to (which is annoying), you should add a "To Be Continued..." at the end of EVERY episode but the last, like in Pok?mon, although that is highly not recommended.

O.O!! they kept the slap! wow! I was so shocked by that! This episode was pretty damn good..however, they ruined one of my favorite scenes (where haruka comes on to usagi), but sincethey're trying to hide lesbianism, I suppose this is understandable. Moon face?! ....what the hell? In what way does Usagi's face resemble a moon? oh dear gods, what was so wrong with "dumpling head" or even the infamous "meatball head?". arg...arg I say...

Episode barely rewritten at all. That's a good thing ~_^. Not much to really say about this episode...

Senishienta's name was kept

There was a massive ammount of talk about Usagi's death, which was simply music to my ears. DIE DIE DIE!! Hehehhe! *sweat drop*

(1 second) There is a short snipit right after Usagi is done announcing that it's her birthday.

(13 seconds) Probably one of the biggest cuts in the S season so far. After Usagi runs off to find her "prince" to buy her the shoes, the scene changes and we see the camara panning left at some buildings and then we see Haruka and Michiru on a second story coffee house and they see Usagi running down the street looking for Mamoru.

Haruka and Michiru

Usagi running down the street

Usagi's slap to Mamoru is KEPT IN ALL IT'S GLORY! Wooohoo!! This is something I'm 99.9% sure that DiC would NEVER keep, which would end up being quite bad since the episode kinda revolved around that slap, but I guess it's possible to have rewritten it, they did it with the bed-wetting episode.....Anyway, KUDOS TO CLOVERWAY! Woooh!

Amara calls Serena, "Moon face".

WHAT IN KAMI-SAMA'S HOLY NAME IS GOING ON HERE!??! Moon face?? MOON FACE?? How does that make ANY SENSE AT ALL?? For one, Haruka calls Usagi "Odango Atama", which means "Dumpling Head" AND NOT "Moon face", and second, Amara is not SUPPOSED TO KNOW that Serena is associated with the Moon at all! She's not supposed to know Serena is "Sailor Moon"! If that's not an "inconsistancy alert", I don't know what is.

Hehe. Personally, I found this kind of funny, but I know some fans thought it was atrocious so I'm listing it as an SDA.

After Serena says that she's not Darien's boyfriend anymore, Amara starts telling Serena that she's going to take him now. That's all fine and dandy, but, in the original, Haruka was coming onto Usagi!

That's right! All the dialogue was basically the same but instead of Haruka coming onto Usagi, Amara was coming onto Darien! I was on the floor laughing when this line was delivered. And the funny part is that it was handled so well, no dubbie would EVER know what Haruka REALLY said.....Hehe......

(14 seconds) This cut breaks the old record of longest cut in the S season set earlier in this episode. Right after Usagi realizes she's late and she needs to be at Rei's she runs off and the scene changes, right? I'm afraid not you poor decieved NASM fans.....After that, we see Haruka saying how "cute" Usagi is, but then Michiru reminds Haruka that Usagi could be a holder of a talisman, and that would mean they would have to kill her.

Haruka laughing about the comical Usagi

Haruka upset over the fact that Usagi might hold a talisman

When Rei is talking to Darien on the phone, English Rei is way bitcher to Darien than the original Rei was to Mamoru, but hey, what else is new. Rei and Mina are bitches in the S dub, apparently. I really wish I could just go and tell them to "tone it down", they're giving their characters a bad name, dammit.

When Uranus and Neptune arrive and see Serena getting her heart crystal taken, Uranus ONCE AGAIN, calls Serena, "Moon Face". C'MON!!! WHAT THE HELL. Who's writing these things?? Who comes UP with this stuff?? They need to be shot in the foot or something......

Hehehhe! I haven't used this kind of box in a while. Hehe. Anyway, at the very end of the episode a really stupid "To Be Continued..." was added. *SHUDDER*

It's an anime, CLOVERWAY!!! The whole damn series is "To be continued"!!! *BANGS HEAD ON A MICROPHONE* Gah *BANG* WHY CAN'T *BANG* THEY GET A FRICKIN *BANG* CLUE?!?! *BANG BANG BANG*

Total Retained 94%

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