100 "Sailor Senshi wo yametai!? Minako no nayami"
(She wants to quit being a Sailor Senshi!? Minako's worries)
93 "Individual Happiness" 00-6-26

Minako is very bitter about all the other couples in school. She wants her prince to take her away to a special place. She meets up with Asai, an old friend, and Minako obviously likes Asai. Asai says that he wants a girlfriend who plays volleyball, and since Minako doesn't play volleyball anymore, that counts her out. The reason Minako stopped playing volleyball was because of her roll as a Sailor Senshi, so she considers resigning as a Sailor Senshi. She goes to see Asai, only to find out that a Daimon is attacking him. A battle erupts, and the daimon, Hi-Cue, put Asai's pure heart in a volleyball. Since Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter can't receive it, Venus decides to take it. With her Flying Roll Receive, Venus receives the ball, and Asai learns that Sailor Venus is actually Minako. The daimon is destroyed and Asai's heart crystal is returned. Minako is a little down that Asai turned out to have a girlfriend, and to cheer her up, Artemis asks her out on a date.

After yesterday's crappy episode, I was in debt for a good one. Luckily, this was a good one ^_^. The dialogue was almost dead on most of the time, which was a nice treat. Nothing really extraordinary about this episode. Oh! I got one, a lot of names were changed. *nods head* Think about that for a while......*sweat drop*

Yes! They make up yesterday's garbage with a great episode today! This is one of my favorite episodes mainly because I'm a big Venus okatu and I'm very happy to see that this episode turned out so well. While I don't think anyone understood that jibberish that Sailor Moon was saying where her speech should have been, it was great that they kept the "pretty girl" scene intact, as well as most of the dialogue.

wow, this episode wasn't bad at all. um..let's see..wow I have nothing sarcastic or negative to say...kuso, that throws me off O_o um..so..how bout them yankees? *sweat drop* er, just scroll on down...

Well, a few things to note in this episode.

Artemis calls the "daimons", "Daimon Heart Snatchers", but is sounded a lot like he was saying "Diamond Heart Snatchers".......Hopefully he wasn't.

Asai is renamed "Jamie". What's funny is that the guy who does "Jamie's" voice does it really well! He doesn't try to alter his voice at all and just speaks normally. It turned out quite nicely.

The daimon, Hi-Cue, is also renamed. Her name is now, "Hi-Queeny". O.o;;;;;

The dialogue in this episode was extremely intact. Only a few lines were changed (cultural references basically). Overall, Cloverway did a good job with the dialogue (except for a few counts of stupid dialogue).

Umm, this isn't REALLY stupid dialogue, but they took out a line that I liked a lot.

When Kaolinite asks what the Professor's favorite sport is, he goes "Oh?? It's stepping stone...." which is followed by an odd silence by Kaolinite. Absolutely hilarious if you ask me. If you don't get it, "Stepping Stone" really isn't a sport, it's a kind of game where you see how many times you can step on and off a stone in one minute.....That funny 'ol professor! Hehe!

Of course, the humor is totally taken out and Dr. Tomo says that his favorite sport is "Standing over his experiments"........Yeah, Woooh...I'm cracking up now. The tears are rolling down my face I'm laughing so hard.......

(4 seconds) These two cuts happen during Mina's "blush scene". The very beginning and ends of that shot are cut. In the beginning we just see Minako standing there blushing before she points and laughs at Asai, and then at the end, we just see her look down at the ground for a few seconds.

The beggining of the scene

The end of the scene

(2 seconds) Right AFTER the "blush" scene when Asai runs off to get to practice, we see Minako just standing there and sighing. The whole "sighing" scene is cut, because the sigh is just TOO SEXUAL AND LESBIAN for our younger audiences. *sarcasm*

(1 second) The scene of the camera zooming in on the gym where Asai is practicing volleyball is cut short.

The opening shot of when the girls are at Rei's studying is a schedule with kana everywhere. KANA. That's right. And not one character is touched. This is when I FIRST realized, "Oh! Cloverway doesn't like to hide the fact that they're in Japan!! Wow! Neat!!" Just an interesting note.

Later on in that scene, Mina is a total bitch to Amy, which she wasn't in the original (well, she wasn't that bad). Although the dialogue was basically the same, the DELIVERANCE was way different. Mina was a bitch, while Minako was just being over-dramatic (as always).

(7 seconds) BIG CUT, kinda. When Mina is race car driving, Amara comes up and says "hi there", and the scene changes, right? BZZZ! Wrong! Afterwards there is about 7 seconds of more dialogue between the two, but nothing major.

LET THE COUSIN FEST BEGIN!!! Wow, we got away with little or no cousin comments yesterday, but there back today! In a subtle line, Amara refers to Michelle as "her cousin".

Right before "Jamie" gets his kiss from his girlfriend, there is a SUPER SMALL SNIPIT. I mean, BACTERIA SIZED CUT, but it was big enough for me to tell that my tapes had jumped out of sync, so I decided to take note of it (not that anyone cares.......)

(1 second) Cloverway's logic of "We can show people flying into stuff but not them 'HITTING'" makes it's triumphant return in this episode. When the daimon throws them aside, we don't see them hitting the wall like we did in the original.

Kick, punch, you remember

(1 second) This next cut is a complete mystery to me. When Mina gets tied up in the volleyball net, she falls (and we actually see her LAND, WOW!!) but the second DIRECTLY after she lands is cut. O.o;;;; No logic, Cloverwy, no logic....

Sailor Moon's speech is just one big piece of SDA. I don't know WHAT SHE'S TALKING ABOUT. She just goes off on stuff. It's totally wacked. The speech is neither a "I shall Punish you!" nor a "And that means you!"......It's just.......ramble.....

Later on were hit with a line that makes no sense, when Mars tells Sailor Moon to use her attack, Moon replies by saying "Go on!" as if she's telling Sailor Mars to "go on". O.o;; What the HFIL??? That makes absolutely no sense at all! I was left looking at the TV screen confused and dazed....It took days for Tiff to get me out of that trance......errr...uuuhhh...that's another story.......

Happy day for me! Artemis' "pretty girl" speech is left ^_^ I NEVER thought that would be kept, as DiC ALWAYS avoided the word "pretty" for some unknown reason.....don't ask me, I don't know.

Total Retained 91%

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