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Personal Profile - I am a student at UNLV (University Nevada at Las Vegas for those who don't know ?.?;;;) majoring in Accounting. I'm shooting for a minor in Japanese but we'll see how that goes. I'm a graduate from Advanced Technologies Academy High School in Las Vegas, hated it, so glad I'm out. ^^;;; Anyway, life in Vegas is close to perfect if you ask me. I personally can't stand humid places so dry Vegas is the place for me. Everything you could want is around here. There's a skiing resort a half an hour away and a lake 20 miles east. A perfect place to live if I do say so myself. Well.....That's how I USED to think anyways. For the past 15 years or so Las Vegas has been the fastest growing city in the US. For a while that was pretty cool, it really opened up a lot of opportunity for the quaint little city of around 800,000. Now we're a booming metropolis of 1.5 million, expected to be over 2 million by 2010. Not my ideal place to live. Housing prices have jumped upwards of 200% in the past 2-3 years, and it's just not as quaint a place anymore. If I wanted to live in LA, I would. The small little city I grew up in just doesn't exist anymore. It's sad really. I don't know what's going to happen to the city in the future, but I'm hoping for the best.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm a kindhearted guy, most of the time. I usually don't pass judgment on people until I get to know them and I try to stay away from that whole "back stabbing" trend that's very popular in high school. I keep my priorities straight, and put things that matter the most to me at the top, and things I could care less about at the bottom. That's the way it should be.

My interests involve Anime and Manga (duh!), my favorites being Sailor Moon (another Duh!), Neon Genesis Evangelion, Marmalade Boy, and probably others that I can't remember right now. Another one of my interests would be Godzilla. I can honestly say that I'm not as big of a fan of him now as opposed to what I used to be, but if you would of seen me in middle school, man! I was obsessed!

My favorite type of music varies. I tend to enjoy listening to bubble gum pop, as long as it's not TOO bubbly. I enjoy R&B (especially Janet Jackson, my favorite artist) rock and other things. My musical taste varies as time passes. Currently, for example, I'm really big into Shakira, especially her spanish stuff.

My favorite television program HAS to be any type of animation on Fox. I love the Simpsons to death, I'm a loyal fan of theirs, but I also enjoy Futurama and King of The Hill, and Family Guy has GOT to be the absolute most HILARIOUS show I've ever seen. Aside from that, I enjoy watching Real Life programming such as Real World and Road Rules.

I'm a big gamer. I enjoy the RPG genre of games. If I'm not watching anime or watching TV or on the computer, I'm probably playing an RPG. My favorite company is Square, they rock, and if you can't see that may you be condemned to the most smelly bathroom in Minnesota. Although I enjoy the Final Fantasy series, my all time favorite game is Xenogears and all the games made by the Xenogears team (Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross).

Aside from that, there's really not much left to know about me! I'm pretty boring guy! Hmm....I wonder if Tiff or Dan are more interesting *scrolls down*.

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Personal Profile - Hihi everyone! My name is Dan Bednarski. I'm 27 at the time of this typing living in Central New York (as in state, not the city, it's Syracuse and surrounding areas). I graduated high school in 2001 in Baldwinsville, NY. I started college at SUNY Oswego the semester following graduation, however I did not finish there because of burning out trying to take on more than I could while still trying to figure out what direction I wanted to go. I would return to school some years later, starting anew (well, I had a few classes worth of credits transfer over, so close enough to anew) at ITT Technical Institute in Liverpool, NY. In June 2010, I finished with an Associates in Computer Networking Systems with a final GPA of 3.86. I have not yet found a job in the IT field yet sadly (came close with working at Time Warner Cable at their phone help desk biding time, but that job was not a good fit for me at all so I left). Currently I work as an overnight baker for Panera Breads all around CNY depending on where I'm needed. Previously I've worked as a computer tester at Revonate (a warehouse where we take retail returned computer systems, then test and if needed repair them for resale), a Senior Game Advisor for GameStop, and various levels of management (including general manager) at Taco Bells all around CNY.

In regards to Sailor Moon, I've been a fan since the mid-90s. While it was on syndication, my brother and I would get up early to watch that and Dragon Ball Z whenever we noticed them in the listings. We would get cable at the house some time after both of those shows ended up on Toonami, which was also around where I was beginning to find Sailor Moon stuff on the Internet. Some of which included downloading video clips of pivotal moments of Sailor Stars as it was airing in Japan (which still took some time downloading on a 2400 baud modem back then) and discovering the alt.fan.sailor-moon newsgroup. When my family got a newer computer later on that year (yay PII PC and a 56K modem, cable modem the following year), I became more actively involved in SM communities on the web, a change from newsgroups and AOL. Y2K would show this best, as that was the year I began two sites. MKBO, a digital distribution site for fansubs (first to have all 200 episodes), and SMU, with Bob and Tiff, which I'm sure I don't have to describe as you're here. =P Over the years I've been happy to meet many people in the communities and have good friendships because of it. I've actually met Tiff in person a couple times, and finally broke through years of shyness to go up to others in the community this summer (2010 in case a long time goes between me updating this). The past few years have been quite a roller-coaster for me so I was out of the loop, but have been getting back in the swing of things and am very happy to be a part of these communities again, renewing ties with old friends and making new ones on the way. Other Sailor Moon sites I've been involved with include managing Miss Dream, making contributions of sorts at Genvid and more recently at Family of Moonlight, and I also helped lay the groundwork as a SysOp in WikiMoon.

Interest-wise, video games have always been my first love in that regard. They have always played a part of my life, I really can't think of a time without them. I would probably be considered more of a retro gamer by today's standards, as while I keep up with the industry today with all the current systems in my place, I enjoy the games of yesterday more than today overall. I like to think of myself of a video game historian at times, owning various books on the subject as well as recording any specials. I really enjoy the RPG genre and wish I had more time to really enjoy those games as much as I did years ago, I play music games the most these days between Rock Band and DDR as well as beatmania IIDX. Puzzle games are also high on my list with Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo being my favorite (I own it for five different platforms) and the Picross series has really impressed me with its evolution over the years. The only genres I really don't enjoy much are first person shooters and sports. Can't tell you why, but there are a couple exceptions.

Anime would be my next love. As mentioned earlier, I was watching Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z on syndication sporadically in the mid-90s, but my love for anime really took off when my family got cable in the late-90s giving me more access to it. It was around this time that some video game stores started stocking anime VHSs for rent and buy. After getting a PS2 on launch day and being able to legally work, I would start collecting anime DVDs. I would start attending conventions in 2004 which have been a blast.

Personality-wise, I'm usually a pretty shy person unless I'm with people I know. I've been making good strides breaking out of my shell since starting college, but I'm still shy in my roots and still show signs now and then. The thing I love doing most is spend time with my friends, we have such great times together and I cherish my friends very much. I would consider myself a friendly guy most of the time, I try hard to not get in bad moods and such. I'm also a very hard worker, talk to anyone I've worked with and you'll see my work ethic is great. It's usually the motivation to start work that is my weak point, but since I work in environments where it gets busy fairly fast, motivation isn't hard to get there. It's more of a problem for homework and personal projects and such. I find myself to be a kindhearted person, I usually care more for someone else's well-being than I do my own. I can usually be found at the mall, my house, a friend's house, or some random place we may decide to go to.

That's all I can really think of in a nutshell. Let's see what Tiff has to say.

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Personal Profile - Hello, all. Most people know me as the resident web mistress and opinions lady. I rather enjoy my role on the site, and try my best with it. I am also one of the most well-known and prominent admins of the SMU Forums, where I have quite a few friends and such.

And now for a bit about me. I generally go by Tiff or Tiffu, and I am 24 years old. I currently live in North Texas, am a teacher, though I have had to take a break from my career for health reasons. I have a Bachelor's in Elementary Education from Texas A&M University-Commerce and full professional teaching certification.

I have two older brothers, and a set of wonderful parents. My father is retired army, so I have had the advantage of traveling around the world, and being forced to change schools constantly. I was born in Yokosuka, Japan, on a Military Base (that explains my love of anime, ne?). I then moved to Illinois, Colorado, Denmark, Germany, Colorado again, North Carolina, Alabama, and finally, Texas. Having spent so much time in the south, I do consider myself a Southerner. I am extremely close to my mother, and family is a big deal to me.

My outside interests revolve a lot around the computer. I'm totally unathletic and am not an outside person, so you'll never see me going for a run or taking part in a softball game. Not only do I lack the coordination, but I simply don't enjoy it =P I love animals, and have two adorable kitties, Sebastian and Carmen. I love writing poetry, reading, and being on my computer, usually chatting, role-playing, or working on webgraphics/web design. I own my own Sailor Moon website/collective, The Palace of Moonlight , which is currently in the process of being completely redone. My webmistress name is SerenityMoon, which I normally go by (AIM: SerenityMoon17).I thoroughly enjoy making webgraphics for my own site and for others. I have developed my talents over the years, teaching myself HTML by simply studying code and figuring it out. I also developed my webgraphics skills first in Microsoft Paint, then moving on to Photoshop 6 and currently, 7. I also enjoy Karaoke/Dance Dance Revolution, drawing, and cosplay.

While I do not get the chance to watch as much modern anime as I'd like to, I still have my favorites. Sailor Moon, Slayers, Excel Saga, Utena, and Ouran High Host Club are among those. Some of my television favorites include Friends, The Simpsons (Bob and I are fanatics), Avatar: The Last Airbender, Family Guy, and Everybody Loves Raymond, as well as a few other animated titles.

I am currently in a very loving marriage with my best friend of 4-5 years, Joe. After spending 7 years with and being engaged to one person, I realized the relationship was no longer what it used to be, and that I was not happy. Recent events in my life regarding my health and needs also complicated things, and I decided to move on and start anew. Joe and I discovered our love through our friendship, and started dating on April 27, 2007. We got married August 4th, 2007, and are expecting our first child. We are very much in love, and I hope to create a wonderful future with him.

As for my personality...many find me to be a perky and open person to be around, and extremely hyperactive at most times. I detest being lied to, and I am usually a sarcastic hardass when I have to be. Sarcasm is indeed my way of fighting. I forewarn you, I can be very brash, blunt, sarcastic, and cynical. But those who really know me know that I care deeply for those I love, and I have a good sense of humor. I am a very loyal person to those I love, and will defend them to the death if I must. That's me in a nutshell, and people usually take it or leave it. I like who I am, and don't intend to change much.

With that said, I hope you enjoy SMUncensored, and that this little spiel helped you get a better understanding of the person that is Tiff!

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